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MOTIgarden Colorants and Pigments for Lawns and Lake contains no hazardous chemicals that would harm the lawn or the lake. it\\\'s a permanant pigment. It makes your turf look lush green and replenishes the natural colour.

Turfcolorant with Color Lock™ technology:

Durable, natural green color that won\\\'t fade to blue

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Packing  : 1 Liter            10 Liter
Carton    : 12 Liter          20 Liter

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A concentrated blend of dry-flowable colorants for improving the appearance of water bodies with a high quality, natural-looking blue color.
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A Biological Lake Clarifier and Deodorizer
A concentrated microbial based Biological Lake Clarifier and Deodorizer in Water Soluble Packs
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