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MOTIgarden Power Sprayer 

MOTIgadrenSTIGA HPS 110 is an easy-to-use, compact electric pressure washer with a rangeof complementary parts and accessories, making it ideal for light cleaning ofsmall areas. This cold water pressure washer is powered by a 1400 W electricmotor which delivers a maximum pressure of 110 bar with a flow rate of 390 l/h.The HPS 110 is extremely light and has a rotating adjustable nozzle and adetergent sprayer. The practical high-pressure hose supplied is 5 m long. TheHPS 110 is the perfect tool for cleaning surfaces such as gardening devices andtools, garden furniture, children\'s outdoor toys, bicycles, motorcycles andscooters, pavements, driveways and paths.

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MOTIgadrenSTIGA HPS 345 R is a cold water pressure washer designed to clean medium-sizedsurfaces comfortably and easily. This pressure washer is powered by a 2100 Winduction electric motor which operates with a maximum pressure of 145 bar anda flow rate of 450 l/h. The high-pressure hose supplied is 8 metres long. It is lightweight, very stable and easyto move with two rubber-coated wheels and a telescopic handle with a soft-gripnon-slip handle. The HPS 345 R features a hose reel and practical storagecompartment for parts and accessories. The HPS 345 R is ideal for moderatelychallenging cleaning tasks on a range of items and surfaces including gardeningdevices, terraces and steps, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, pavements, paths,wooden items and tool boxes

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